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Images and presentations from the closing conference for RO06 Renewable Energy Rondine Program


Imagini de la Conferinta de finalizare a Programului RO06 Energie Regenerabila Rondine

The 9th of November Conference has presented the good results of projects implemented under the RO06 Renewable Energy Rondine Programme.

Keynotes presented by  the EFA President Mr. Cornel Brezuică, EEA and Norway Grants Adviser of the Norwegian Embassy in Romania Mrs. Grete Ødegaard, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Iceland in Romania Mrs. Georgiana Pogonaru, State Secretary of Ministry of Regional Development, Public Administration and European Funds Mr. Octav – Dan Paxino

Presentations for the 9th of November:

1. Paul Șerbănescu, Georgiana Tărîță – The Closure Conference or 4 years and 6 projects later…

2. Baldur Pétursson – Geothermal District Heating and Renewables in Iceland

3. Bjorn Aulie – Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE)

4. Ionuț Tănase – Geothermal energy in Ilfov County – Romania

5. Oana Nicula, Daniel Țigan – Development of geothermal energy to produce heat for consumers connected at the substation PT 902 and the reinjection of the geothermal water in the reservoir

6. M. Roșca, C. Bendea, G. Bendea – Geothermal resources in Romania and the Rondine predefined Project

7. Costică Roman – Sistem energetic inteligent in arii protejate

8. Wojciech Łysik, Ministry of the Environment from Poland – Saving energy and promoting renewable energy source. Bestpractices in the programme management

9. Kirsti Midttomme – Geothermal Heat Pumps

10. Bogdan Popa – Small hydropower plants in Romania at the end of 2017

11. Arni Gunnarsson, Icelandic Geothermal Engineering Ltd. – Closing Conference -RO06 Renewable Energy Programme financed by EEA Grants 2009-2014 – RONDINE

12. Halvard Bjorndal, Norconsult – Upgrading heat distribution and small hydro

13. Saunn Halldórsdóttir – ÍSOR – Iceland GeoSurvey

14. Kolbeinn Björgvinsson, Verkis – Company profile Renewable energy

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